Book Review

Dennis Lehane’s SINCE WE FELL

Lehane, Dennis - Since We Fell - COVER.jpg
Since We Fell
Author: Dennis Lehane
Format: hardback, purchased from Book of the Month
Start Date: May 8, 2017
End Date: May 13, 2017
Rating: 3 to 3 1/2 stars


Monsters, her mother had told her and she had learned herself over the years, don’t dress like monsters; they dress like humans. Even stranger, they rarely know they’re monsters.

David Lehane’s Since We Fell tells the story of Rachel Childs who suffers a mental breakdown during her time as a(n) (investigative) reporter. Although she lives as a relative shut-in, barely able to walk outside her own door, she lives a relatively idyllic life with a kind, compassionate, and understanding husband. However, the perfection in her life is not all as it seems. She discovers her husband has a dark secret and must follow her instincts to figure out what he is hiding.

The premise of this book sounds very interesting. I liked Rachel’s character as she strove to understand the secrets in her life – first about her father who left when she was young, and then about her husband who isn’t as he appears – even as she struggled with an overwhelming sense of anxiety.

I was really looking forward to the “thriller” aspect to this book, which is why I chose it as my May BOTM Club pick. However, I was a little disappointed. This book is separated into three sections; without giving any spoilers, the first tells of Rachel’s pursuit of her father’s identity, the second is her life with her husband, and the third is her trying to figure out what is going on.

There was one major reveal about halfway through the book, and while that really got my heart pumping, the last third of the book was a little bland. Part of it might have been me getting away from the book for two nights (previously, I was reading 150+ pages a night), but I think it was just slow at the end. Not too much of a thriller, and not too much of a big reveal at the end. The third section was not as thrilling as I would have liked or expected it to be, and I wasn’t super impressed with the different plot twists and what-have-you. It was a little hard to like her husband’s character after the reveal, whereas I had really liked him and their relationship beforehand.

Not a bad book. I really enjoyed it, especially the first 75% or so. The ending though didn’t really *wow* me, so I’m rounding down to 3 stars from 3 1/2.


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