Book Review

Tiffanie DeBartolo’s GOD-SHAPED HOLE

A review of Tiffanie DeBartolo’s God-Shaped Hole. Originally published in May 2002. Re-released May 16, 2017 (15th Anniversary Edition) by SOURCEBOOKS Landmark.

When Beatrice (Trixie) Jordan answers a personal ad in the paper – “If your intentions are pure I’m seeking a friend for the end of the world.” – she doesn’t know that her whole world is about to change. In Jacob Grace, she finds what she didn’t know what she was looking for: a friend, an ally, a lover. These two creative souls – Trixie makes jewelry, Jacob is a writer – join together so they don’t have to face their demons alone.

Book Review

Jeff VanderMeer’s BORNE

A review of Jeff VanderMeer’s latest book, Borne. Published April 25, 2017 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Jeff VanderMeer’s latest book, Borne, tells the story of one woman’s struggles in a horrifying dystopian future: where she (Rachel) must scavenge for biotech to survive, where a giant bear (Mord) and the Wizard vie to rule, and where any weakness will kill you.

Book Review


A review of Kate Moore’s nonfiction account of The Radium Girls, originally published by SOURCEBOOKS on April 18th, 2017.

This relates the account of the so-called “Radium Girls” and their fight for justice after prolonged exposure to radium. They suffered from radium poisoning, they fought a groundbreaking case, and they ultimately prevailed and found justice, though not in time to benefit all those girls affected.It is a powerfully resounding story of determination even in the face of adversity, and it’s a story that needs to be told.

General Post

Hello, June 2017!

I love the warm weather – it is really starting to feel like summer! And even though I have to teach a summer class, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief now that the school year is over. Time to go to the beach, have some BBQ, and enjoy time with friends and family! And, of course, have more time for reading!

Recap of the books I read in April and May, book haul, and an exciting announcement!

Book Review

Sarah Shoemaker’s MR. ROCHESTER

A review of Sarah Shoemaker’s debut novel, Mr. Rochester. Published by Grand Central Publishing on May 9, 2017.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

A gorgeous, deft literary retelling of Charlotte Bronte’s beloved Jane Eyre–through the eyes of the dashing, mysterious Mr. Rochester himself. […] It is impossible not to watch enthralled as this tender-hearted child grows into the tormented hero Brontë immortalized-and as Jane surprises them both by stealing his heart. Mr. Rochester is a great, sweeping, classic coming-of-age story, and a stirring tale of adventure, romance, and deceit. Faithful in every particular to Brontë’s original yet full of unexpected twists and riveting behind-the-scenes drama, this novel will completely, deliciously, and forever change how we read and remember Jane Eyre.

Book Review

Charlotte Brontë’s JANE EYRE

Review of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, Jane Eyre!

Originally published on October 16, 1847, Jane Eyre tells the well-known bildungsroman of our heroine, Jane Eyre: as she grows from a young girl under the care of her cruel aunt, to a student at a boarding school where she is later a teacher, to a governess for the young charge of Mr. Rochester. There are so many themes in this book, from class disparity to women’s rights to poverty vs. wealth to religion to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health. It is a bold novel with a main character who is similarly bold, strong-willed, intelligent, and female.